The company is located in Bialystok within the Podlasie Voivodeship.We transport new cars as well as damaged ones; wagons, four wheel drive vehicles, any kind of van or truck, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, tractors, forklifts, or ATVs
  We provide services to local, national and international companies, private parties, insurance companies as well as to the Police. Since the establishment of the company we have developed a loyal customer base in Poland as well as abroad. Ensuring high quality of services, as well as continuous expansion of our offer is the reason why we provide uninterrupted services to many companies from Poland, as well as from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. Our company is characterized by punctuality, prompt contact, adhering to deadlines, solicitude for the load under our care, and delivery to its destination. Accepting orders electronically and 24 hour availability are additional assets.Our service covers pick-up of any vehicle from any place in Poland or Europe, and transport of the vehicle to our lot or to a place chosen by the customer in the shortest time possible.Our company is continually developing and expanding our vehicle fleet.  Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking.